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Name / Maiden Name

Susan A. Clausen / Biel

Katherine M. Bohmer / Bohmer

Bonnie M. Bomhack / Bomhack

Margaret Lamason / Cassato

Catherine Castle / Castle

Christy Marlin / Conner

Patricia J. Freeman / Coughlin

Sheila C. Messel / Cullen

Mary Dahlman / Dahlman

Mary Beth Daly / Daly

Cynthia D. Wuthman / Dawe

Carrie DeMarte / DeMarte

Cindy Dolan Hernandez / Dolan

Elizabeth J. Donnowitz / Donnowitz

Kathleen L. Hansen / Doyle

Leslie A. Antti / Dulian

Ginny Franchi / Franchi

Mary A. Hermes / Funovits

Jennifer Ring / Gallagher

Barbara Gauer / Gauer

Amy GInger / Ginger

Caroline F. Silha / Gorman

Ann Happ / Happ

Mary F. Henslee / Henslee

Jean Hurley / Hurley

Jeanne T. Defrank / Jordan

Donna C. Crawford / Knill

Christine Kokorucz / Kokorucz

Marilyn G. Krueding / Krueding

Holly A. Lantolf / Lantolf

Antoinette M. Binzak / Masciopinto

Peggy A. Siegele / McDonough

Ann T. Rentsch / McNamara

Mary Carragher / Novinski

Maureen E. Einarsen / O'Brien

Mary Beth Jossart / O'Donnell

Joy A. Sundstrom / Ortolano

Sandy Podgorski / Podgorski

Loretta A. Miazga / Possley

Elise H. Haley / Radzinski

Mary L. Rivard / Rivard

CIndy Robinson / Robinson

Leslie M. Jones / Russell

Mary Ryan / Ryan

Barbara A. Meyers / Schleiter

Julie Schmidt / Schmidt

Carrie F. Richards / Schwabe

Mary Lou Scussel / Scussel

Susan M. McGarrigle / Smith

Christine A. Mostaccio / Struck

Liz Sullivan / Sullivan

Barbara Syverson / Syverson

Marlene A. Tarczynski / Tarczynski

Irene Tartara / Tartara

Holly Trznadel / Trznadel

Patricia A. Roush / Werlein

Barbara A. Wiltjer / White

Lynn Whiting / Whiting

Kathy Wiermanski / Wiermanski

Therese M. Wilson / Wojnar

Dana Woodward / Woodward

Barbara Zitnik / Zitnik

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