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Name / Maiden Name

Carol McKellar / Baker

Elizabeth Nepomuceno / Boutet

Ann Louise Biernacki / Brand

Laura A. Tempestini / Buscemi

Mary Ellen Belue / Cirone

Jennifer A. Clark Barkoczy / Clark

Kathleen Dunne / Close

Deidre Dolan Scott / Dolan

Julia C. Ecimovich / Ecimovich

Suzette Eshoo / Eschoo

Colleen Smith / Henry

Linda Warner / Henslee

Lisa Janke / Janke

Susan I. Ragucci / Jordan

Paula Kalemba / Kalemba

Colleen Kenny / Kenny

Jacqueline Congdon / Kica

Lucille M. Livingston / Kosiba

Kathleen M. Krupa / Krupa

Karen Boscamp / Linden

Deborah Reeder / Mierkiewicz

Marianne E. Deffenbaugh / Minnis

Kathleen Papierniak / Murphy

Rosemary F. Brusseau / Pape

Sharon L. Labranche / Pedote

Suzanne Laporta / Pietroske

Joanne Zito / Riesterer

Sandra Robinson / Robinson

Margaret R. Roehl / Roehl

Kathleen Sawyer / Sawyer

Lynn M. Sweeney / Sweeney

Sophia Z. Unzawalla / Unzawalla

Laura Valvassori / Valvassori

Kelly Ann Walsh / Walsh

Suzanne Weltlich Powell / Weltlich

Joan M. Milostan / Westenberger

Pamela Calderwood / Wolfe

Roselynn Espina / Yanong

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