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Name / Maiden Name

Janette L. Altman / Altman

Bridget B. Rainero / Baker

Carmein T. Navas / Belka

Evelyn Prus / Ceciliano

Mary C. Kramer / Cordes

Janette Mackenzie / Damian

Ritamarie Davidson / Davidson

Jodi Dolbeare / Dolbeare

Michelle Ceccato / Enright

Anne Happ / Happ

Kerri L. Boughton / Kamis

Shin Kang / Kang

Heather Lantolf / Lantolf

Lynda M. Breitzman / Lidik

Mary Ann Vranicar / Livas

Gina Maestranzi / Maestranzi

Argyro R. Manis / Manis

Lisa A. Stryck / McLane

Valerie M. Melling / Melling

Rita Miller / Miller

Maureen A. Miramontes / Mitoraj

Karin R. Brewer / Neumann

Francine P. Opipari / Opipari

Aimee M. Johnson / Ranquist

Kimberly A. Rossa / Stanley

Azita Tajaddini / Tajaddini

Suzanne C. Grogan / Tausz

Carol Ann Trail / Trail

Renata B. Warzecha / Warzecha

Linda Amundsen / Weincord

Alexandra Yunez / Yunez


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