June 2019

Dear Marillac High School Alumnae,

THANK YOU! Words cannot express how blessed we are to you for your collective support of Marillac St. Vincent Family Services over the last few years. Because of you, children across Chicago have been able to receive care and education in a safe and loving environment.

Since the launch of the Coming Home initiative in April 2016, you have raised over $200,000 of critical funds for our early childhood and youth programs. Each and every single one of those dollars has a made a world of difference and helped transform hundreds of lives for the children and youth we serve day-to-day. It is nothing but amazing how the Marillac High School community has come together to carry out the legacy of the Daughters of Charity. We are so grateful for the generosity you have continuously shown through your contributions in donations, pledges, memorials, tributes, fundraisers, and class gifts. It all adds up, and we would not be able to provide our critical programs without it.

The funds raised by Coming Home continue to fulfill a critical need at our centers, allowing us to address the many changing needs our families face. Marillac St. Vincent has been able to grow because of you! The addition of our first infant classroom on the west side allowed us to provide care to children as young as six weeks old – ensuring mothers can leave their child in loving hands while continuing to provide for their families.

Our growth has also allowed us to bring on new talent that allow us to better care for our children. We now have a school nurse on staff to address the health needs of all our children, and we are better prepared to address emergencies should they arise. Sr. Kara Davis D.C. joined our staff in 2018 as a speech language pathologist and has already met with each child on both of our campuses. Her individualized support has allowed us to provide a level of attention to our children that was not possible before. We also cannot forget the impact of Coming Home on our ability to manage a tuition gap for many of our families. Frankly, several of our children would not be able to receive the education they get without your support.

As if contributing financially to our programs weren’t enough, we have also been blessed to have many of you donate new toys and books to our Christmas Store and Project Hope through Charter Day. Many of you have also been gracious enough to give us your time, volunteering in our programs and at our events. You are truly living out the legacy of the Daughters of Charity by helping us care for those in need. Thank you for walking hand-in-hand with our friends and neighbors in the city of Chicago, as we work together to end the cycle of poverty.

We are proud of the accomplishments in our programs over the past year, and we’re grateful for the role you have played in their resounding success. With your support, Marillac St. Vincent was able to serve 510 children in our early childhood programs, 522 children in our school age programs, and 280 in our summer program. Additionally:

  • 93% of children met or exceeded expectations for kindergarten in 6 of the 7 categories: social-emotional, gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive, and literacy

  • 100% of children in birth-to-5 programs were screened by teachers within 45 days of entrance

  • 90.5% of parents were able to receive services from a family support specialist

  • 85% of families were retained through preschool

  • 80 children participated in Hope Junior

  • 489 home visits were completed in Project Hope

  • 100% of moms in Project Hope obtained a medical provider

Because of you, hundreds of children across Chicago have hope for a brighter future. On behalf of the children and families we serve, and all our teachers, program managers, and staff, thank you for making our work possible. We hope you take great pride in the crucial difference your gifts make, and please know that you are always welcome at our centers.

Gratefully yours,

Dee Atkins

Chief Development Officer

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

A big thank you from Sr. Kara and Sr. Kathy!

P.S. – It’s impossible to ignore the legacy of the Daughters of Charity at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services. We have a short film featuring the Daughters entitled “25 Years of Radical Impact” which you can now view on our website at marillacstvincent.org.