Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV):

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services has been working to end the cycle of poverty in Chicago for over 100 years. They do this by addressing what they believe are the 5 greatest challenges preventing those in need from reaching their greatest potential.

Challenge #1: Working parents with low-wage jobs don’t have access to quality, affordable child care.

MSV RESPONSE: developed a nationally accredited child care program, allowing parents to work while their children thrive and grow in a nurturing and educational environment which prepares them for school and life.

Challenge #2: Children living in violent communities are most at risk after-school and during the summer.

MSV RESPONSE: created an after-school and full-time summer program to not only keep children safe and cared for but to also introduce them to a world outside the confines of their neighborhood.

Challenge #3: Vulnerable and underemployed individuals and families are confronted with hunger, financial crisis, and an inability to access the most basic resources that might provide support.

MSV RESPONSE: We operate two food pantries, while assisting individuals in securing the resources and adult education opportunities that will allow them to aspire beyond their current circumstances.

Challenge #4: Pregnant and parenting teens from poverty stricken neighborhoods lack support to nurture and provide for their children and themselves

MSV RESPONSE: We built an internationally recognized program to educate and empower young mothers to care for their children while still reaching for their own goals and dreams.

Challenge #5: Homebound and at-risk seniors are often living on the margins, without adequate resources nor support to sustain a healthy quality of life.

MSV RESPONSE: We created an impactful and compassionate senior program, providing access to resources as well as engagement and social opportunities to help seniors look forward to a more secure and self-sustaining future.