Heather Sattler, Honorary Marillac Alum

The Marillac Coming Home Committee had the pleasure of recently interviewing Heather Sattler, the Executive Director for one of the Daughters of Charity Missions in Chicago, i.e., St. Joseph Services (SJS).

Heather is a born and raised Chicagoan from the city’s Northwest Side, she attended St. Ignatius High School and then, keeping with the Jesuit theme, she attended Georgetown University where she received a Bachelors Degree in Foreign Services. Heather returned home and rounded out her education with a Masters Degree in Public Service Management from DePaul University.

Earlier in the year when we met Heather, she proclaimed, “… while I am not technically a “Marillac girl”, I feel like I had a pretty similar upbringing to the girls at Marillac and my parents were my first teachers on how to live a life in service of others.” No wonder Heather launched upon a career in public service.

Heather’s life has taken her to London to live as an ex-pat and teacher of courses for American, Irish, and International Students in Dublin, she has served as the COO for the 100 Club of Chicago (www.100clubchicago.org/), she started a not-for-profit (This is ME) to help promote esteem and enrichment among young girls, and she even ran for 38th Ward Alderwoman in the City of Chicago with the Tribune calling her “…smart and straightforward and greatly qualified for this job.”

Now, she is bringing all of that experience to St. Joseph Services (SJS) where she leads that organization, which is paramount to the Daughters of Charity vision, to transform communities by transforming lives. SJS provides a variety of programs that educate youth and adults, helping them develop their values and talents in their communities. As Heather said, “We don’t just say we want to strengthen, prepare and provide jobs in our communities, we have created the stepping stones to do so.”

She certainly sounds like a Marillac girl! We asked Heather to use 3 words that best describe her, she humbly answered:

  • Authentic
  • Resilient
  • Full of Care-ism for Humanity (we let that slide being more than one word!)

Today, Heather is delighted to be leading the efforts at St. Joseph Services, feels strongly they are making sustainable changes in the lives and families of the communities she serves, is not ruling out a possible attempt at running for office down the road, but by far, her favorite and most important role is as a single mother of her son, Elliot, the love of her life. Her vision for her son is that he grow up to be a happy and transformational leader. With a mom like Heather, we’re pretty sure there’s a good chance of that happening!