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Q: How did this Legacy idea come about?

A: Coming Home—The Legacy of Marillac High School and The Daughters of Charity, is an exciting initiative to gather alumnae, faculty, and the Daughters of Charity to celebrate the spirit of Marillac High School. It is our opportunity to reconnect with each other and to channel that LDM pride and build an enduring legacy of giving back.

When we asked some of the Daughters who ministered at Marillac, “How can we give back?” they responded, “Your support for our missions in Chicago would be a wonderful and fitting legacy.” So, inspired by our education at St. Louise de Marillac High School, the alumnae are reconnecting in a united effort to fulfill that wish.

Q: Is this just a fundraiser?

A: The goal of the Coming Home is to build a lasting legacy of giving back to The Daughters of Charity. It is our hope that all Marillac High School alum will join in this legacy in whatever way your life allows. Either by making a donation, spreading the word with fellow alumnae, attending an event, volunteering, or by contributing to the missions’ in-kind wish lists. Visit our Get Involved section for more information.

Q: What exactly does my gift support?

A: Your support will go towards the education of those most at-risk in Chicago. The education programs at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV) and St. Joseph Services (SJS) include:

  • Early Childhood Education: Children, ages 3 months to 5 years, meet their developmental milestones and gain the strong social-emotional skills needed to overcome obstacles and succeed. Year-round, the program focuses on cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development—critical components positively linked to later education success. The program is NAEYC accredited, and is included in the ExceleRate Illinois Gold Circle of Quality. Both are marks of high-quality programming.
  • Summer Programs/Out of School: (includes mentoring, tutoring, sports, music, art, and educational activities): Both on-site and right in the communities they serve, The Daughter's missions offer children in kindergarten through high school a quality out-of-schooltime experience where they can participate daily in safe, healthy, structured activities. They focus on 21st Century Skills development and character-building through Youth Program Quality Assessment strategies, which is a best practice method to develop youth programming.
  • Adult Education: We provide small group adult education in a safe, supportive atmosphere including Adult Basic Ed, pre-GED, citizenship assistance, computer skills, English as a Second Language, Spanish classes, and special internships helping young adults with employment skills.
  • Project Hope (for pregnant and parenting teens): We serve pregnant and parenting teens (age 12-19), addressing the many needs of pregnant/parenting teens in the community.

To learn more about the programs that will benefit from your donation, go to the volunteer page.

Q: How is my gift divided between different ministries?

A: Your donation is split 50/50 between education now (supporting the education programs’ current operating needs) and education for the future (going into the Coming Home Legacy fund, which will be set up at each of the two agencies). This allows us to support the Daughters' immediate needs for funding in education programs, and to leave a lasting legacy for educational opportunities in the future.

Based on the current overall operating budgets of each facility, 90% of your gift will go toward Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV) and 10% of your gift will go toward St. Joseph Services (SJS). The breakdown of budgets and clients served is below:

  • MSV Education Budget: $12 million

    Clients Served Annually: 1,000

  • SJS Budget: $1 million

    Clients Served Annually: 1,000

Each of the two Chicago ministries will set up an endowment fund. For example, if you elect to give $1000, $900 will go to MSV and $100 will go to SJS. Each of these organizations will set aside 50% of that donation for future education and 50% for current educational programming. So, of the $100 that goes to SJS, $50 will be invested for the future and $50 will be used on current programming. Of the $900 that goes to MSV, $450 will be set aside for the future and $450 will be used for the current programming year.

Q: If I already give directly to the Daughters of Charity, does this donation go toward the Coming Home Legacy?

A: As sponsored works of the Daughters of Charity, Marillac St. Vincent Family Services and St. Joseph Services benefit from their support, and the Daughters of Charity will continue to do good work with your direct donation. However, it will remain separate from the Coming Home Legacy funds.

Q: I've heard something about making my gift over 5 years - how does this work??

A: When we formed our goal of raising $1M through Coming Home over 5 years, we were inspired to ask our fellow Marillac alumnae to consider a $100 gift every year for the next 5 years. That being said, all gifts are welcome – whether it’s a onetime gift, a monthly gift, or an annual gift. When you visit the giving page you have the option to make your gift a onetime gift, a monthly gift or an annual gift. If you have specific questions about your gift, you can contact Colleen Sacks at Marillac St. Vincent Family Services at 312-278-4218 or

Q: How do I get more involved in the Coming Home Legacy or with the MSV or SJS?

A: For Marillac High School email

For MSV or SJS please contact: