The Connection Campaign - Coming SOON!

The Marillac connection is a hard one to beat. It is interwoven in our hearts. And it’s powerful.

Just look at what we have accomplished as Marillac girls in just over a year. We have reconnected over 1500 of our alumnae, had quite a launch party to kick things off, created a website to stay connected, and raised over $160,000 to assist the Chicagoland missions of our Daughters of Charity.

Not bad, for a school that closed over twenty-five years ago and was pretty much out of sight and out of mind.

So as we continue to reconnect and build awareness for social good, we have an important initiative which will need your assistance. We are calling it The “Connection Campaign” with our mission to find our fellow alums who are presently “disconnected” - that’s approximately 800 alumnae we do not yet have contact information.

Here’s the plan for The “Connection Campaign” launching next month…

First, we have already created a Connection Committee consisting of Marillac alums who really know how to work social media and the internet and are now known as our top-of-the-line (and highly underpaid) connection detectives. The team is being led by Jeannie Lewis (’86) with the wisdom and aptitude of Sue Metallo (‘78), Cathie Scott (’79), Barbara Gonzalez-Labeots (’81), Colleen Moore (’85) and Julie Moore-Felipez (‘87). These highly skilled detectives are combing the city streets, mountaintops, hills, valleys and parish halls to find our disconnected alums. To add to their mystique, yes, they are undercover – not in uniform!

Second, for the past 18+ months we have managed our database almost to perfection and now feel it is almost as good as it’s gonna get. So much so, we will have actual lists, sorted by year (not quite ready to sort by cafeteria table just yet) and we have identified all of our disconnected alums. These lists will be available on the website next month…

Third, this is where you come in. Notebooks ready please…

Next month when we are ready to roll, you will be able to visit Click on your class year or your sister’s class year or any year really - find classmates and tablemates or fellow alums whom we still want to connect with and provide us with some updated information. We are trying to make it that easy! All you will need to do is enter the information and click on update. Your update will go directly to our Connection Committee who will then update and connect.

Also – this is important: If you would like to add your parents to our database, we will have a section for you to enter their contact info as well. They will then start receiving our newsletter, e-blasts and a few of our invites. It’s the least we can do after they got us all through high school.

Our Connection Committee is working behind the scenes to tweak this next adventure of the Coming Home Legacy. We’ll let you know when we are ready for your assistance.

In the meantime, think of those classmates, friends and fellow Marillac community members who may be missing out on our reconnection to date. Then let’s put our Marillac spirit to work once again to find and reconnect with all of our fellow alumnae.

We’ve got spirit – yes we do!

Stay tuned.

Thanks much.

Coming Home Legacy Committee